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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 6: Number 8


Vol. 6, No.8
August 2004 -Août 2004 

GAEA Award

The winners of the GAEA Award for environmentally friendly activities for the month of August are the Gardens and Animals staff. Through the years, the G&A staff have consistently used environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques in their care of the gardens and animals. Some of these practices are:

Congratulations to all staff: Miles MacDonald, Nicholas Whelan, Terry Campbell, Emile Chiasson, Lee Price, Geraldine Joyce, David Pitcher and Eddie Kennedy, the HP Specialist for the unit.

Geraldine’s Angels

Since the formation of this group many fundraisers have taken place. The most recent fundraiser being a CD that was produced by Wendy Bergfeldt of CBC in Sydney. The majority of the recording was done at a concert in Cheticamp this past Mother’s Day which was dedicated to the memory of Geraldine who lost her battle with cancer at the age of 41.

There were many talented people involved in this project such as Michelle Boudreau Samson and Delores Boudreau from Isle Madame and Jeannine Chaisson and Sylvia LeLievre from Cheticamp. The CD can be purchased in Cheticamp at Charlies’ Country Music Store and also at Acadie Grouille.

Letter of Appreciation

The following letter was sent to the Chief Executive Officer, Parks Canada Agency, earlier this summer:

My wife and I returned from a two week visit to Nova Scotia Province last Monday, during which time we were fortunate enough to be able to visit quite a number of sites operated by Parks Canada. These included The Citadel in Halifax, Fort Anne, Port Royal, Kejimkujik National Park and the Seaside Adjunct, Grande-Pré, Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Fortress of Louisbourg, and Cape Breton Highlands Park, and I have to say that in each and every location we visited I was more than impressed by the professionalism of all your staff. Those in standard uniform were always polite and cheerful and more than helpful to visitors, and those staff in period costume did a simply wonderful job in recreating the atmosphere of which ever site they were in, especially in Louisbourg.

I do not know if you have some sort of staff journal or method of communication with your staff at these locations, but if you do I would be most pleased if you could pass on our heartfelt thanks to all of your staff in all of these locations who made our visits such interesting experiences. I do so wish that the Authorities in our country could visit Parks Canada and learn just how to run such an organization as well as you do!!!!!

Thank you, and thanks to Parks Canada, for helping to make our visit to Nova Scotia a holiday to remember forever.

Charles R. A. Lilley

Lancashire, England

Fees, Hours of Operation & Activities

September 2004

Hours of Operation - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


Animated Activities & Guided Tours

10:45 am The Life of a Soldier: Military Demonstration Guardhouse, King’s Bastion (#28)

11:00 am Guided Tour De la Plagne (#34)

Daily Proclamation Begins at De Gannes (#24)

11:45 am The Life of a Soldier: Military Demonstration Guardhouse, King’s Bastion (#28)

1:30 pm Cannon Demonstration Guardhouse, Kings Bastion (#28)

2:00 pm Guided Tour De la Plagne (#34)

2:15 pm Public Punishment Begins at De Gannes (#24)

2:45 pm The Life of a Soldier: Military Demonstration Guardhouse, King’s Bastion (#28)

3:45 pm Military Demonstration Guardhouse, King’s Bastion (#28)

4:30 pm Cannon Demonstration Quay, Waterfront

Periodically during the day...

Street Activities(Drumming, Music, etc.)


Our sincere condolences to Alice Lahey and her family on the death of her
brother, John Hines,  earlier in the month.

Placentia Trip

As reported last month, Sandy Balcom, Eddie Kennedy and many staff and
volunteers took part in the celebrations recognizing the French presence in
Placentia.  We received a note from Jeremy Roop thanking our crew once
again for all their efforts.  He said:

"You both certainly went above and beyond the call of duty.  They are a
professional group and fine ambassadors for Fortress of Louisbourg NHSC."

Jeremy sent some images taken during the groups visit.

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