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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 1: Number 6



Vol. 1, No. 6, September - Septembre 1999

Murder Mystery Tour Great Success

The Mystery Tour being put on Sundays throughout the summer has been sold out nearly every night. Audience response has been enthusiastic. Visitors, staff and local residents have all enjoyed the evening immensely. Some have attended it twice. The production is continuing into September on Sunday nights starting at 6:30. The performance lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours with a short intermission midway where the audience can purchase refreshments. Although there is no age limit, the show is probably more suitable for ages 16 and up. Parks and Volunteer Staff are reminded that a discount is in place for them. Prices are $12.50 advance (prepaid) (or $14.00 if you pay at the door) and $8.00 for staff.

Peter Chiasson

News of Note from AGBNHS/MINHS/GINHS

The museum was the site for "one big house party" on Sunday, August 15th, our first annual Aviation Day. Misty weather brought all activities indoors from a model airplane display to kite-making, Duncan Wells and the Apple in the Tree Band, face painting, tetrahedral hat making and the painting of a large mural by children. Visitors really enjoyed the one outdoor activity which was the chance to view a two-seater, locally home-built airplane and ask questions of the owner/pilot Mac Fuller.

Cake and punch were served to hundreds of visitors while the sweet sounds of Raymond Ellis' fiddle and Robert Deveaux's piano played in Orientation.  

A draw was held and visitors won Alexander Graham Bell year 2000 calendars, complimentary tickets to the evening Bell Series concert and a collection of items from the Telephone Pioneer Gift Shop. Some unexpected visitors arrived adding to the event. Alexander Graham Bell's granddaughter, Carolyn Myers (88 years of age) arrived with her grandniece and her infant son. Mrs. Myers was kind enough to join Aynsley MacFarlane in giving words of welcome and cutting the cake. Then she autographed the children's tetrahedral hats until her youngest travelling companion made it clear it was time for him to head home.

Summer is passing quickly and already it is nearing time to bid farewell to students who have been with us for various terms of work since training in early May. We wish them well as we prepare for our late summer and autumn visitors.

Again, we like to take the opportunity to blow the Parks Canada horn by way of visitors who do it for us via comment cards: "This museum is a true National Treasure. It is by far the best museum we have had the pleasure to visit. An outstanding way to learn and experience the life of Dr. Bell. We were very impressed with the combination of display monitors and stories. A great museum we enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you for your excellence." signed by Dr. Barry L. Allexn and Elaine M. Sudanowicz, Massachusetts.

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A recent gift has been added to the art collection here at AGB. A 5' X 5' oil painting by artist John Otterson was hand delivered to the site by Mrs. Muriel Harris. She felt this was the safest way to transport the piece, which celebrates Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone, from its New Jersey home. The painting came to her as a gift more than 50 years ago. The painting joins the portrait painting by Mabel Bell depicting her soon-to-be husband as an owl in recognition of his late-night work habits which she learned to live with, somewhat reluctantly at first, after their marriage in 1877. This portrait was passed on to the Site by the Fairchild branch of the Bell family in 1997 when we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Bell's birth.

We have finalized the schedule for our annual Harvest Home event on September 18th. It is modelled after the fall celebration the Bell's used to host at Beinn Bhreagh for the local community. The fun begins at noon with lots of activity until 3 p.m. followed by a 4-celled tetrahedral kite workshop at 4 p.m. Activities include pony rides, gigantic bubble making, food booths, Bubbles the Clown, the 562 Cabot Squadron Air Cadet Band, games (tug of war, potato race, sack race, 3-legged race), bring your own scarecrow to add to the site's decorations, Boomer the Beaver, Sam the Safety Bear, Louie the Lightning Bug, Woodsy the Owl, a performance by the Kidd Brothers and more.

Sharon Morrow 

Senior Managers Forum

From September 13th to 16th, the Executive Board of Parks Canada will be meeting with the Directors and Field Unit Superintendents from across Canada in Sydney. During their meetings they will have opportunities to visit Alexander Graham Bell (during the evening of the 13th) and the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site (during the afternoon and evening of the 15th). Some of them will be touring Cape Breton Highlands National Park either before or after the meeting. This will be an excellent opportunity for them to see what we offer to the public.

During their visit to Louisbourg they will enjoy a period meal and participate in the Murder Mystery.

Carol Whitfield

Waterline Construction

Sometime during the week of September 13th, the contractor will begin to lay a new waterline along Route 22 and then up the compound road. The excavations will mean some traffic controls will be in place as the work progresses.

Canada World Youth Program

We welcome two exchange students - David Levy of Bedford and Aya Samir El-Nakib of Egypt. Both David and Aya will be working in various departments at Louisbourg over the next 13 weeks, starting September 9th.

Ruby Powell

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