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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 4: Number 5


Vol. 4, No. 5, June - juin 2002

News from AGB

- Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site was the host venue on May 24th for the annual meet and greet evening organized by Baddeck Area Business and Tourism Association. This event provides an opportunity for tourism business operators to share information with the CBI Visitor Information Centre travel councillors during their training. The session was well attended and the travel counsellors were provided with a FAM tour of the Site just before they met with tourism operators.

- Motorcoach visits from cruise ships have started and June 3rd marked the arrival of the first cruise ship of the season at Baddeck Community Wharf when "Le Levant" docked.

-Training for staff at Marconi and Grassy Island National Historic Sites has been completed and as of June lst, both sites are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September 15th.

-Marconi staff participated in the Technology Celebration Fair held at Centre 200 May 30th and 31st. Images of Marconi and Bell, inventors and pioneers in communication technology, were featured at the UCCB Display Booth. Everyone was treated to a dramatization at the Centre Stage Showcase as an actor depicted Marconi and the success of his transatlantic wireless communication which took place 100 years ago from Tablehead, Glace Bay to Poldhu, England. Students from more than sixty schools on the Island were in attendance and upwards of 100 display booths were set up by business, institutions and schools for the information and enjoyment of all who visited.

-AGB is one of the many sites visited by schools during May and June every year. Below is a thank you received from one such school.

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The annual meeting and conference of ALHFAM - "Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums" is being held in Louisbourg and Sydney, June 23 - 27, 2002.

This year’s theme is People & Place - Making Connections. Participants will be having a very packed week for this conference.

Federated Architecture

Training and installation of the new Lotus Notes is progressing. Eugene Snow, Catherine Costello, Chad Manuel and David Taylor, all Information Management staff, from the Atlantic Service Centre have been in Louisbourg for the past two weeks. It’s been great getting to know these people - we speak so often by phone and it is really nice being able to put a face to them. They are doing a great job, too!!!!

Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal Come to the Chapel

This renowned boys choir will grace the Chapel on Friday, June 28th (tentatively at ll a.m.), bringing us an eclectic mix of choral arrangements in what the choir is calling a mini-concert.

Consisting of roughly 70 members, their performance (for which there will be no admission charge) promises to deliver an impressive acoustic experience. The Petit Chanteurs, based out of Montreal, have performed abroad in countries such as Korea, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy as well as the USA, and are often heard on radio and seen on television. The choir, which is directed by Mrs. Johanne Chantal, has been in existence for forty-six years. Their show will be a special treat for both staff and visitors alike.

Family History Researcher

Elaine Sawlor, retired teacher from Sydney, has been researching the old town families of Louisbourg for some time now. If anyone has any information or interesting stories, please give her a call at 539-6121.

Nautical History Conference

Ken Donovan and Sandy Balcom attended the Nautical History Conference that took place in Halifax last week. Both were delivering papers on their specialized topics.

New Website

In anticipation of the ALHFAM conference, Heidi Moses took photographs of the various gardens around site last season. Here is a website that she has developed with the pictures:


Our sincere condolences go out to Eddie Kennedy and his family on the death of their father, Edward on June 3, 2002.

Sincere condolences to Nancy Kennedy on the death of her sister, Frances MacDougall, Sydney early in June.

Did you know....

....Eugene MacDonald, an employee since 1971 has never taken any of his sick leave! Eugene worked full time from 1971 until 1982 and then went seasonal from 1982 to the present. Congratulations to you Eugene - that is quite the accomplishment!!

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