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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 1: Number 4



Vol. 1, No. 4, July - Juillet 1999


Encampment ‘99 is over but we are still warmed by the memories and the satisfaction of having done a superb job. Compliments to the "Team", whether they were volunteers, employees of Parks Canada or the Volunteer Association, are pouring in. Everyone is impressed by the organization and helpfulness of the work that was done by Fortress "Team".

Anne Marie still breaks down when she recounts the compliment she received for the whole "Team". It came from a re-enactor who is confined to a wheelchair. This individual wanted to thank everyone for the experience she had. Normally when she attends a re-enactment she doesn’t get to participate fully or to see the big events. That wasn’t the case here. Staff lifted her into positions where she could see the tacticals and she had a chance to tour most of the buildings. For her the visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site was especially rewarding - one where she felt like everyone else!

This story confirms the impression that I had all weekend long. The Team extended themselves to make everyone feel welcome; they pitched in to help their colleagues and made sure that everything worked superbly. I don’t think I know the words to express how proud I was of everyone who worked here.

You were truly ambassadors for Parks Canada and especially for the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. Thank you all most sincerely. You are the very best - "sans pareil"!

As veterans you will all be receiving your campaign medal very shortly. Wear it with pride - you earned it!!!

Carol Whitfield

For the Record

The Encampment Organizers played a particularly important role in the success of Encampment ‘99.

Brian Harpell directed the operations team, which consisted of Sandy Balcom (in charge of the set up for the period camps and many of the other details involving the re-enactors), Anne Marie Coutinho (in charge of the correspondence with re-enactors and the registration), Peter Chiasson (advance ticket sales, buses, transportation and crowd control), Derrick Deveaux and Greg Joyce (battle tactics and black powder preparations), Doug Pearl (security and emergency preparations), Lionel Wadden (site preparation, wood, showers, privies, transportation centre etc., etc.), Peter Pickup (recruitment and organization of 100+ volunteers), Karen Camus-Rose (meals on site - over 4,000 a day!!!), and Heidi Moses (the website).

Bill O’Shea looked after the overall management, while Anne O’Neill focused on the sponsorship campaign, John Johnston on media and Rose Anne Poirier on marketing.


We had almost 1,500 re-enactors here and approximately 12,000 visitors on site during the three days.

Highlights of the Media Coverage

We had lots of coverage of Encampment ‘99 - thanks to all the preparation of John Johnston and Rose Anne Poirier, and the team they brought together. On July 22, ATV devoted 20 minutes of "Live at Five", the most popular news program in Atlantic Canada, to the event, with Ron Kronstein broadcasting live from the site. Frances Chezenko, Sandy Anthony and Corey Bryan were featured in their broadcast.

Folkus Atlantic was on site all weekend preparing a documentary that will be released in a few months. CBC-TV was here working on documentaries that will be released next year, while Radio Canada (the French CBC) did some filming for programs this summer. CPAC, the Canadian Parliamentary Affairs Channel, are producing three 1-hour documentaries based on the filming they did here.

Finally - Peter Duffy of the Chronicle Herald was here in costume and filed stories everyday, including the material for a two page spread in the Sunday Herald. In his final column Peter complimented the staff for everything that was done to make his visit a success.

HMCS Summerside

Next time you are in the Administration Building, look for a plaque from the HMCS Summerside. It was forced to drop anchor in Louisbourg Harbour on the weekend, and Lieutenant Commander Kerr was so impressed with the hospitality we gave his crew that he dropped by to say thanks and leave us with a plaque as a permanent memento of their appreciation.

Visitor Comments

"Encampment ‘99 ....was fantastic!"

"I was particularly impressed with the people moving/transportation system. It was very fair, well organized, and very efficient. Job well done!!"

"As a student/teacher of history, I was impressed by the site, the organization, the volunteers/reenactors."

"The fort is well cared for. Washrooms are clean & accessible. Costumed guides were knowledgeable & helpful. The restaurant gave us a unique experience."

"From local news & info booths I had expected an impassable throng of people but was pleased to find the parking/bus systems."

" A great big bouquet to all of you for never-to-be-forgotten experience (!!) I enjoyed every moment of the re-enactments, the excellent food and the colourful music."

"Staff so obliging .... just unbelievable ... it was world class."

A close call

Late on Sunday Lee Price was controlling traffic on the back road when a number of the re-enactors were packing up. One backed up his pickup truck a little too far and a port-a-potty was shaken a bit. As the driver got out of his car he said, "Thank goodness there was no one in there." From inside a voice yelled out, "You scared the ##!!*** out of me!" The driver replied, "Good place for it!" but the occupant responded, "I just came in here for a leak!!!!"

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