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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 4: Number 4


Vol. 4, No. 4, May - mai, 2002

Fortress opens with full service on Saturday

On Saturday, June 1st the site starts its full interpretation program. Musket firing, bread baking and hearthsides ablazing as visitors once again have the opportunity to experience the magnificent Fortress of Louisbourg.

The site is open from 9:30 to 5:00. Entry fees, although expected to change, remain the same as of today. Adults $11:00, Seniors $8.25,Youth $5:50 Family $27.50. There is also the new National Passes that can be purchased at our Visitor Reception Centre.

The King’s Bastion Roofing Project will displace some of our military activities but there will be as many booms as in the past. They will just occur in a different location.

You can also look for a variety of new activities this season after a spring filled with staff learning crafts such as basket making, wool dyeing and needlework.

We are looking forward to a great season and, as always, we are hoping for a banner year in visitation. Staff can contribute to this by visiting the fortress and telling all their friends and relatives about the site. See you there.

CATSELL Trade Show

Below are selected images from the Boston CATSELL trade show that was held May 17 - May 20. Over 12,000 Bostonians passed through the doors and were greeted by Danielle Baldwin-Harpell, Francis MacKenzie and Mark Sajatovich from the Fortress, Nancy Spencer from Kejimkujik and six 78th Highlanders from the Citadel.


Many of the visitors commented on how they had already made plans to visit the Atlantic provinces this summer and also there was overwhelming interest in camping in Cape Breton Highlands and Kejimkujik.







Museum Weekend - June 8-9, 2002

Celebrate Nova Scotia’s rich natural and cultural heritage during this Museum Weekend. Museums across the province will be hosting special events this weekend. Listen to the radios for the event happening near to you.

On Cape Breton Island some events are:

-Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site invites visitors to make, decorate and fly their own kite that is theirs to keep!

-The Cape Breton Miners Museum is having free admission and free guided tours of the underground mine.

-Chestico Museum, Port Hood, will be having an old fashioned spelling bee and local entertainment the night of June 9.

-The Highland Village Museum will be hosting a Dance Festival and Workshop on June 8 and a square dance in the evening.

-The Orangedale Railway Museum invites visitors to come June 8th to see their locomotive in operation as well as a snow plow run by compressed air!!

Kings Bastion Barracks

Work will be starting soon on the roof at the King's Bastion Barracks.

Philip Hoad will be the contract supervisor for this project. Mr. Hoad, who is on site now, has extensive experience in slate roofing & we are lucky to have someone of his qualifications looking out for our interests in this project.

Federated Architecture

The Federated Architecture (new computer upgrades) for Louisbourg will begin June 11th and finish up on June 28th. This process will include a new network server, upgrades to the desktop computers, and end user training.

The new network server will allow us faster processing power and more storage space. Desktop computers will be upgraded to Windows 2000 and be configured to standards which have been approved by the Executive Board.

Hands on training for Windows 2000 and the new Lotus Notes Release 5 will occur from June 14th-28th between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A meeting to review the Green House Gas Reduction pilot study took place on Wednesday, May 29th.

Alexandre Ferland, of the Investment Portfolio group, was here to speak to the employees attending.

Parks Canada’s GHG reduction strategies are to:

Improve the energy-efficiency of its buildings and facilities; improve the energy-efficiency of its fleet through renewal, buying best-in-class, reducing use, reducing vehicle specifications and fuel switching; increase the use of renewable energy technologies by establishing a partnership with Natural Resources Canada; and increase employee awareness by developing an intranet site, sharing annual progress reports and communicating program objectives and the importance of GHG reduction through workshops and correspondence.

Did you know....

Daniel Pitcher and Jeanne Crowdis, both seasonal employees, were married two weeks ago. They have taken up residence on Main Street, Louisbourg. Congratulations!!

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