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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 2: Number 4



Vol. 2, No. 4, August-Août, 2000

Feast of St. Louis

You are invited to join in the celebration of the Feast of Saint Louis on Sunday, August 27.

On this festive occasion, Louisbourg comes alive with over 100 costumed animators recreating the atmosphere of this colonial town. In 18th century Louisbourg, the Feast of Saint Louis was celebrated with feasting, official military salutes, dancing and many more such activities.

The Feast is in honour of King Louis IX. Born in 1214, he became King of France in 1226. Participated in the 7th and 8th Crusades and died of the plague on August 25, 1270. He was renowned for his strong fair rule and personal piety. He was canonized in 1297 by Pope Boniest VIII.

Special events have been planned to recreate the festive atmosphere enjoyed by this colonial community. Activities this year will include: cannon salutes, musket firings, drumming demonstrations, street music and dancing, nine pins, card games, children’s 18th century games and a procession to the Chapel. A new activity this year is a public lottery. Popular in the 18th century visitors will be able to purchase tickets (for a loonie) for prizes that will be announced at 5pm by the town crier on the waterfront. As well we are going to teach young people about 18th century make-up (but we’re calling it face painting) A great time is guaranteed for all.

Around the Fortress

On Friday, August 18th, 2000 Robert Thompson, Deputy Minister, Tourism, Culture and Recreation for the Province of Newfoundland visited Louisbourg. He was interested in learning how we deal with original building foundations in the reconstruction and in interpretation generally. Carol Whitfield and Bill O’Shea toured him around the reconstruction and lighthouse sites.

CND Exhibit

Work on the Congregation of Notre Dame exhibit to be installed in the de la Perelle House next summer is proceeding on schedule. There will be a photo shoot at the Fortress in the next week or two. This will involve a sister of the Congregation in a habit appropriate to the 18th century with some of her students. Jean Pearl is co-ordinating this. The photographer is Carol Kennedy.

The Guides Guide

The Guides Guide to Cape Breton Parks is out now and there should be one or two copies on site. The tour guides were instrumental in the design of the two tours of the Fortress.

Carrerot Exhibit

This exhibit will be dismantled this winter and removed for safekeeping while the Carrerot undergoes recapitalization. The exhibit will be back in place next visitor season.

Fall & Winter Plans

St.Peter’s - Repairs will be undertaken to the swing bridge at St.Peter’s this fall.

Louisbourg - Over the winter, sprinklers will be installed in a number of buildings, including the Engineer’s House, Beausejour House, Fire Hall and Magasin General.

The upper floors of the Carrerot building will be completely rebuilt and sprinklers will be installed before this building reopens next spring.

Installation of pine siding at the Baron House will start after Labor Day.

Cape Breton’s Canadian Historic Sites

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Also the Institute is open to adding any new pages which might meet a particular need. Staff wishing to make a submission should send a wordperfect or word document to:

HMS Rose

The Rose was in port last weekend. She arrived just after dark on Friday the 18th and saluted the fortress with cannon fire. The cadets from the Rose visited the Fortress on Saturday.

News from AGB

We are still providing FAM tours now and then to travel writers and travel agents. Our most recent travel writer was a gentleman from the UK travelling with his two sons ages 6 and 7 and a nanny. His book will be about (you guessed it!) travelling across Canada with two kids and a nanny. He has so far observed that this venture is comprised of the daily itinerary and what actually happens. Anyway, the kids headed for DISCOVER with Dad and nanny close behind.

We’ve recently had a request for information on our offerings for children from writer Patty Mintz who has undertaken the project of writing a book to be published by Nimbus Publishing called Discover Nova Scotia for Kids. The plan is to have the book ready for distribution in the spring of 2001. Sounds like an interesting project.

Did you know....

....The "staff orientation pass" is still available for all employees. This pass allows you and three guests to visit eleven different sites throughout Nova Scotia. Contact Donna MacNeil at Local 3551 for more information.

....Congratulations are sent to the Highland Links Golf Course staff on getting certified by the Audubon Society.

....Congratulations to Danielle Baldwin and Jody Harpell on the birth of their daughter, Madelaine Grace, August 23, 2000. Madelaine’s proud grandfathers are our very own Brian Harpell and Danny Baldwin!

....The entrance to the Administration Building is being painted. We are looking for suggestions for things to display in the foyer. Any ideas????

....Warden Ceiridwen Robbins found and removed a purple loosestrife plant along Route 22. This plant is an introduced plant that causes havoc with waterways.

Good work, Ceiridwen.

If you would like to make a submission to the Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Newsletter, please direct same to Donna MacNeil at 733-3551 or e-mail at

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