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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 7: Number 2


Vol. 7, No. 2
February - février 2005

GAEA Award

The winners of the Gaea Award for Environmentally Friendly Activities for the month of February are Tom Meagher, Danny Baldwin, and Danny Kaiser for their implementation of the retro-fitting of the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. (See below for details of what they did and its positive impact on the environment.)


Tom Meagher

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Tom Meagher, Manager, Asset Management accepting 
award on everyone's behalf from Anne Marie Lane-Jonah

The generation and consumption of almost any form of energy has negative impacts on the environment resulting from fuel extraction to combustion and the production of air emissions including Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). By minimizing energy consumption through design and operational practices, Parks Canada can reduce emissions and save on operational costs.

In an effort to reduce GHG emissions within the Field Unit, Asset Management staff proposed an energy retrofit project for Alexander Graham Bell NHSC. Money was borrowed by the field unit from internal sources within Parks Canada under a payback schedule, which is supported by the energy cost savings.

Efficiencies are gained through:

It is anticipated that the annual energy cost savings will be in the amount of 38.2k and the payback by the field unit will be complete within 1.6 years. The annual Greenhouse Gases  reduction is expected to be in excess of 116.6 Tonnes.

Parks Canada Asset Management staff acted as General Contractor in the implementation of the retrofit. In-house knowledge and skills were utilized to implement many of the energy saving opportunities. The planning team included: Tom Meagher and Danny Baldwin, FOLNHSC, and Danny Kaiser, AGBNHSC.  The FOLNHSC Utilities staff and AGBNHSC staff were responsible for implementing the retrofit.

The retrofit, now more than 90% complete, is a project that staff can be proud of.   It is fitting that this example of leading edge technology is applied to a museum complex that commemorates one of Canada's most famous innovators.

Fortress of Louisbourg Public Archaeology Program 2005

The Louisbourg Public Archaeology Program provides a unique opportunity for archaeology enthusiasts to join supervised digs at the Fortress of Louisbourg National.  The 2005 season will focus on field study at the De la Valliere property which was occupied by French, British and New Englanders between 1720 and 1758. The program will begin with two 5-day field sessions in mid-late August. During each session, a crew of 10-12 participants will excavate a portion of the De la Valliere property, learn about archaeological field techniques, and attend presentations addressing current historical research at the Fortress.

More information can be found at: 

Good News for Parks

The budget announced on February 23rd by the Federal Government contained good news for Parks Canada.  While the specific details are being worked out, Carol Whitfield is optimistic that the new money will help the field unit deal with challenges facing EI, CRM and Asset management.


Those of you who had the honour and privilege of knowing Bill, and worked for him and with him, know that he was highly respected by everyone across the country. Bill once said that the key to being a successful leader or manager was to delegate, and to surround yourself by the very best team and excellent senior managers and superintendents.   He also said that during his entire career with Parks Canada, working all over the country, he had been very fortunate, as he had always worked with the best teams, the best senior managers and superintendents.

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