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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 4: Number 2



Vol. 4, No. 2, March - mars, 2002

Dedicated Employees

Over the winter, three dedicated women from the Civilian Heritage Presentation Unit have been researching 18th century domestic crafts. Anne Muggah, Barb Kelly-Landry, and Monique Berger have been spending many of their days perusing books and pictures in the library in order to learn more about the style and techniques of various crafts. This research, initiated by them voluntarily, will be useful in expanding the types of craft demonstrations presented on site, and will potentially be used in the Chevalier house which is slated to be set up as a craft demonstration area. Crafts that have been researched include basketry, needlepoint, carding/spinning, dyeing, quilting, candle making, cane and rush seating. Due to the talent, interest and inspiration of these women, it is very likely that in the near future, we will see most of these period crafts included in our animation activities. Bravo to three very committed women!

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design Students

Last fall students from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, from the Textile programme, spent a weekend with Elizabeth Tait in the Costume Department. They've since produced some textiles commemorating their visit to the site which will be shown in the Anna Leonowans gallery in Halifax.





A ceramicist in Halifax has been working with Jim Campbell to develop prototypes of "grease" pots. These were stoneware containers that were used for cooking. We have a number in the archaeological collection. Jim is also working with Chinese ceramicists on 6 new porcelain pieces. [Please click on the image to enlarge it]

National Website Project

Work on the new national website project is progressing well. Sandy Balcom and Mark Sajatovich spent a week in Ottawa in February and back in Louisbourg have worked to get copies of plans digitized, slides chosen and text written for the new site. It is expected to feature a 3D flythrough of the fortifications. Thanks to Alex, Heather and Heidi as well for helping with the project.

A similar project is underway for Marconi - one effort to celebrate the centenary of his operations in Glace Bay.

New Uniforms

The new heritage presentation uniforms have arrived for some and are being ordered by others. They are a combination of green and red and come complete with pants, shirts, tee shirts, belts, hats, jackets, etc. Last summer Louise Johnston wore the uniform on site.

ALHFAM Conference

Beginning on Monday, 18th March, Theresa Boone will be working with the ALHFAM

(Association of Living History Farms and Museums) committee to prepare for the conference that will take place on Cape Breton Island in June. The papers will be presented at the University College of Cape Breton and there will be visits to the Highland Village

and Miners Museum. There will be pre and post conference sessions in Louisbourg on June 23 and 28 and everyone - over 300 - will spend all day in Louisbourg on June 27th.

Our Own Special Deer

Abnormal coloration occurs in white tailed deer. This includes albinism (the absence of all pigment in the hair and skin), melanism (excessive amounts of dark pigment in the hair and skin), and piebald (unpigmented spots). Piebald animals are by far the most widespread of this group.

    It is estimated that one in ten thousand white tailed deer is piebald. Since the white coloration of albino or piebald deer makes these animals more visible, they are subject to higher than normal predation rates. Piebald deer with a large proportion of white are prone to joint problems, often have longer hair and can have a dorsal bowing of the of the nasal bone (Roman nose). The deer in the photo, taken at White Point on March 3, 2002, is the resident piebald deer that frequents the Fortress area. Although susceptible to health problems, this deer had excellent mobility and appeared in good body condition. 
[Please click on the image to enlarge it]
Did you know...

Sandy and Debbie Balcom spent March break in England visiting daughter Sarah in York. Sandy will also be visiting the ancestral town called Balcom, south of London and stopping off at a few museums. Sandy was recently 50 years old.

    Congratulations to John Johnson and wife, Mary, who are the very proud grandparents of a baby girl, Hannah, born February 26, 2002 in Ottawa to their daughter Cyne and husband Mark. As you can see from the picture she is adorable!!

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