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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 3: Number 2



Vol. 3, No. 2, May - Mai, 2001

Parks Canada Staff in Cape Breton

Last year Parks Canada received the recommendations of a group of scientific experts on how we could ensure the long term health of Canada’s national parks. The Report of the Ecological Integrity Panel was one of the most significant evaluations ever done, and we have begun implementing many of the recommendations. As well, we are seeking budgetary increases to allow us to deal with the remaining recommendations.

One of the Panel’s suggestions involves training for all employees so that we can better understand what are the factors that influence the ecosystem, so that we can make the right decisions and take the right actions for Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada.

Beginning this May and over the fall and winter, each of us will have an opportunity to learn more about the Highlands and what problems it is encountering. Everyone working in the national park will have two days of training, while most staff working in the national historic sites will receive a three hour course.

Heather Dauphinee-Wilson, Sharon Morrow and Dave Algar will be leading the training, and I want to thank them for taking on this challenge. I know they are well prepared to entertain, teach and challenge us all and that we will come away from the training with a greater understanding of how to ensure that our grandchildren and great grandchildren can enjoy the incredible beauty of "our" national park.

Carol M. Whitfield

Field Unit Superintendent

Archaeology at FOL, NHS - Spring-Summer 2001

The Fortress of Louisbourg Archaeology Unit began two months of salvage excavation May 1, 2001. The first priority is to re-expose, record and remove the pavé in the Rue Royale - Rue Toulouse intersection.

The main priority of this season’s work is to relocate and expose all areas of pavé located on the east half of Rue Royale between Rue Toulouse and Rue St. Louis. In addition, we will conduct salvage excavations on all unexcavated areas in this section.

Finally, the project will move into the area east of the Museum house to verify and record a number of features. There are several small tests anticipated for the northeast corner of Rue St. Louis, the Rue Royale - Rue St. Louis intersection, and at the south end of Rue de Petit Étang.

Our goal is to locate and record all cultural resource evidence from these areas before waterline construction activities occur.

The field crew consists of ten labourers, two surveyors, a photographer, a bilingual interpreter, a field laboratory assistant (in the conservation lab) one archaeological site assistant (Nicole Brandon) and me. Our hours of work are between 8 - 4:30. Feel free to visit our excavation over the

next two months and remember our web page at --- -- for progress updates, photographs, and interesting artifacts.

Charles Burke

Project Archaeologist

More new faces this season

The Heritage Presentation Unit at Fortress of Louisbourg welcomed two new members this month.

Kevin LeBlanc is the new Program Assistant replacing Jean Rene Bourgeois, Client Services Officer. Kevin worked 13 seasons as a Heritage Presenter on site. He is probably most recognizable as Jacques Prevost- the upperclass gentlemen in the Bigot house. He can be reached at Local 3225.

Sandy Anthony replaces the retired Ann Coleman as the A/Heritage Presentation Specialist - Civilian. In Sandy’s 17 seasons on site she has been instrumental in the development of the Music Program as well as the Mystery Tours. She can be reached at Local 3426.


There will be two interns working in Heritage Presentation this summer. Jennie Skeete and Trinette Nurse. Jennie will work at the visitor centre, then be assigned as the archaeological project interpreter for June after which she will move to other areas of interpretation. Trinette will work with the gardens and animals programme.

The Sisters of Louisbourg Exhibit - de la Perelle

We are fast approaching the official opening of this new exhibit on Thursday, May 31. There will be 120 invited guests, a choir and animators. The event begins in the chapel, then moves to the de la Perelle House and finally to a reception in the Bigot. Jean Pearl, who designed the exhibit, is almost finished with the set up. The exhibit will tell the story of the Sisters’ work in Louisbourg between 1727 and 1758 teaching the young girls of the colony. It was funded by the Congregation of Notre Dame and the Millenium Fund. Fortress staff provided research, curatorial and other logistical support.

Cultural Resource Managers Workshop

A cultural resource managers workshop will take place in Louisbourg and Sydney from June 17 to June 20. About 100 managers from across Canada will be attending this event. On Sunday, June 17, they will be in Louisbourg for a day touring the area including the Royal Battery, Siege Camps, Princess Bastion, the Reconstruction and other aspects of Louisbourg’s presentation.

The Carrerot House

The major work on the Carrerot House is nearing completion. It will add a new crisp look to Rue Toulouse. Once the work has been completed on the structure the exhibit will be reinstalled. An addition to the exhibit is a section of shingled roof from the archaeology collection

And we’re off.....

The 2001 Visitor Season got under way on Tuesday, May 1. In May outside walking tours are at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm in English and at 1:00 pm in French. Entry fees are $4.50 Adult, $3.50 Senior, $2.25 Student and 11.25 for a Family. The Visitor Centre is open from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. As of June 1st we will be fully operational. Season Passes are also available until June 15th. Contact the Visitor Centre at 3546 for further details.


Our sincere sympathy to Bill Leslie and his family on the death of his mother this past week.

Sincere sympathy to Harry and Tom Kennedy on the death of their father, Garfield Kennedy on March 18th.

Condolences sent to Brian Kehoe , Jean Wadden, and Beth Kehoe on the death of their mother, Haroldine Beaver on February 16th.

Dee Shaw, longtime employee of Louisbourg in the Personnel and Historical Resources department passed away in March 2001.

Did you know.....

....Lighthouse Day is May 23. The community of Louisbourg is planning events around this day both at the lighthouse and at the Senior’s Building in Louisbourg.

....The sheep and goats have been moved off site for the summer. There is a remote concern that they could contract Foot and Mouth disease and so we have sent them to the country for the summer.

....John Johnston’s latest book, entitled Control & Order in French Colonial Louisbourg, 1713-1758 has been published by the University of Michigan Press. It is John’s doctoral dissertation. Congratulations, John

....Joe O’Brien wrote to let us know the Atlantic Liberals were cited as saying to Minister Copps that:

"Parks Canada has the best Federal Public Servants in the Atlantic Canada

Congratulations - Very high praise indeed!

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