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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 4: Number 10


Vol. 4, No. 10,  2002
November 2002 - novembre 2002



The annual Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia conference was held this past week in Halifax.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee met in Baddeck November 18th to review the questionnaires distributed this past summer. Members of the committee for Historic Sites are Aynsley MacFarlane, Francine Pertus, Elizabeth Tait, Peter Chiasson, Bill O’Shea and Paulette Budge as Chairperson.

Fortress of Louisbourg Annual Statistics

Where are they from and how many of them visited? Here is a little bit of information gathered from our Point of Sale software. Seems like the bigger numbers are still the same as the last couple of years with Ontario and Quebec being the big players. Total visitation for the year was 124,980 - a 3% increase from 2001.

                                     # people              %Total

Ontario                           28139             22.27%

Quebec                           20563              16.28%

NS-Mainland                10636                8.42%

British Columbia           7498                 5.93%

Cape Breton Island       7377                  5.84%

Alberta                            6780                 5.37%

New Brunswick              3623                 2.87%

Germany                         2466                 1.95%

New York                        2360                 1.87%

Massachusetts                2291                 1.81%

A sampling of numbers:


Adult                               47,257

Seniors                            16,713

Youth                                4,492

Family                              31,578

Commercial Groups        10,341

Cruise Ship                       3,479

AGB News

New Co-operative Association

The gift shop at AG Bell will be under new management in 2003. At a public meeting held on November 26th an interim Board of Directors was established to form a co-operating association for the Site. Gary Lindfield, Chief, Co-operative Activities, Parks Canada and Lillian Hamilton of the Fortress of Louisbourg Volunteers were on hand as resource people for the meeting. Over the next few weeks this Board will be kept very busy going through the steps to incorporate the association and start the ball rolling to open the shop doors next spring.

This change marks the end of a 25-year association between the Site and the Telephone Pioneer Society which formed to open the shop in 1978. The Pioneer Society did not wish to operate as a co-operative association but the Telephone Pioneers intend to stay involved with activities at AG Bell.

Marconi Stamp

A Canada Post stamp honouring Marconi’s contribution to communication was unveiled at the Miner’s Museum, Glace Bay on October 30, 2002.


After the ceremony, reception and luncheon, Lieutenant-Governor Myra Freeman and Princess Elettra Marconi visited Marconi NHSC. In December there will be celebrations to mark the centennial of Marconi's work on Cape Breton Island.

Georges Island NHSC

Georges Island, a small drumlin located in the middle of Halifax harbour, was shaped by glaciers which swept Nova Scotia thousands of years ago. Its strategic location and glacial till made it ideally suited to becoming the heart of the seaward defences for Halifax's important naval base. For nearly two hundred years Georges Island was the scene of constant military activity. Tales of executions, forts and hidden tunnels surround the folklore associated with the mysterious island.

We are responsible for the preservation and stabilization of the cultural resources on Georges Island. Although the island is not open to the public due to the fragile condition of its resources, Parks Canada is now preparing this heritage site for future visitation.

RAIL Magazine

For all you railroad enthusiasts, there is a wonderful article featuring Warren Bagnell and our S & L Railway.


Our condolences go out to Milton Cross and his family on the death of his mother, Greta on October 30, 2002. Greta was well known in the Town of Louisbourg and indeed on the Island for her many talents. She will be missed by all residents of Louisbourg.

Our condolences go out to Michael O’Dea on the death of his mother, Clara O’Dea on November 27, 2002.

Did you know....

...Danielle and Jody Harpell are the proud parents of a new baby daughter born on November 5, 2002 weighing in at 6 pounds 4 ounces. A little sister called Amelia (Mia) Patricia for Madelaine. Congratulations to all the family!

Don’t forget our Christmas Dinner with turkey and all the trimmings to be held Wednesday, December 4, 2002 at St. Bartholomew’s Church Hall on Main Street, Louisbourg.

And also don’t forget the annual Christmas Staff Party to be held December 14, 2002 at the Stella Maris church Hall, on Main Street, Louisbourg. Tickets are only $20.00 per couple with dinner at 7 p.m. and dancing at 9 p.m. You can purchase your tickets from Donna MacNeil or Alice Lahey.

  If you would like to make a submission to the Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Newsletter, please send information to Donna MacNeil at, or phone 733-3551.

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