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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Volume 5: Number 01


Vol. 5, No. 01
January 2003 - janvier 2003

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a restful one! 

This is the fifth year for the Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I hope you all enjoy reading it. Anyone who would like to submit an article, please contact me at Local 3551 or by e-mail. All articles are greatly appreciated. 

Michel Latreille, Chief Human Resources Officer for Parks Canada sent out a memo(see below) to all Parks Canada staff regarding the National Classification Review 

"One of the questions that often comes up when people talk about our becoming an Agency is "How are things different from before?" One of the answers lies in our new responsibility as a separate employer. For the past few years, we’ve been working on an initiative driven by our value of fairness—the review of work descriptions. This undertaking has been called the National Classification Review. 

This Review, which also encompassed the idea of using generic work descriptions to describe similar work done in different locations, ensures that positions are looked at and people are properly compensated for the work they do. 

It turns out that although we have over 5000 work descriptions, most of them appropriately reflected the level of responsibilities, skill and effort associated with the position. We were able to greatly reduce the number of work descriptions in the Agency by coming up with approximately 120 generic work descriptions to describe over 3000 positions. 

Over the next few months most employees affected by the Review will receive individual letters telling them the results of the National Classification Review. However, not all Agency employees will be directly affected by the results. There are employees whose positions were created or reviewed after April 1, 1998 and not matched to a generic work description. These people will not receive individual letters. 

April 1, 1999 will be the effective date for the National Classification Review results as this is the date of the creation of the Parks Canada Agency, of the reorganization of work after program review and of management’s decision to proceed with these reviews. If you are an employee who occupied any position upgraded through this review, you will receive retroactive payments where applicable. 

An information presentation designed to give you more specific detail on the National Classification Review project and on the development of generic work descriptions will be offered to staff throughout the Agency. Your manager or supervisor will provide details about local presentations. 

Attached, for your information, is the list of generic work descriptions that will be implemented over the next months. (see attachment) 

If you have any questions concerning the information in this letter or about the National Classification Review please contact your local Human Resources Manager. 

Michel Latreille

Chief Human Resources Officer, Parks Canada 

- Ryan Premises, NHSC 


When entering the community of Bonavista today, one sees a small and tranquil town in outport Newfoundland. For this reason, it is difficult to imagine that just one generation ago, this quiet town was a centre for international trade touching economies world wide.

The Ryan Premises were the headquarters of James Ryan Ltd. The waterfront property of James Ryan Ltd. was acquired in 1869 and was extensively involved in the inshore fishery, general merchandising and other economic pursuits typical of large-scale outport merchants throughout Newfoundland. Along with his brothers, James Ryan created an economic empire in Bonavista based on the Labrador and Newfoundland inshore fisheries.

James Ryan Ltd. exported fish to Portugal, Spain, Italy and the West Indies. In the 19th century, most Newfoundland salt fish, including Ryan's, was carried direct to market by a large fleet of schooners, which filled Bonavista's small harbour. The Ryan Premises were a significant part of a regional enterprise and a significant presence in the lives of the people who not only lived in the region, but also abroad.

In 1952, James Ryan Ltd. withdrew from the fishery when Newfoundland's traditional salt fish sector collapsed due to rapidly developing fresh and fresh-frozen sectors. The firm continued as a wholesale and retail distributor, selling everything from groceries to furniture, before finally closing its doors in 1978.

In 1997, Parks Canada re-opened its doors -this time to commemorate the East Coast Fishery. The site's association with many aspects of the East Coast fishing industry, the quality of the surviving physical resources and the location within the community of Bonavista which is a fishing community noted for the richness of fisheries related resources, make this site a special and unique place.

Former employee, Vinal Robinson, passed away suddenly December 16, 2002. Vinal worked here at the Fortress for 27 years before he retired. There are many current employees who remember Vinal with fondness.

The HP Unit has put out a competition for GSMPS04 Bilingual Heritage Presenters. It is open to residents of NS, NB, PEI and Quebec.

Competition closes on February 4th, 2003. An English Competition will be issued sometime next week. These are four month positions starting June 1st or 15th.

In the next few weeks a competition will be held for student positions. All competitions are posted with HRDC. 

Rollout #1 of generics /#1 série de générique Rollout #2 of generics / #2 série de génériques Rollout #3 of generics / #3 série de génériques Rollout #4 of generics / #4 série de génériques

Rollout #5 of non generic positions / #5 des postes non génériques

Visitors Services Operations / Services à la clientèle - opérations (3 generics / génériques) Parks/Sites Superintendents/ Surintendant de Parcs/de sites historiques (4 generics / génériques) Canals / Canaux Wardens, Patrol, Firefighters, Surf Guards, Dispatch / Garde de parcs, Patrouilleurs, Pompiers, Surveillant de plage, Expéditeurs non generic positions / postes non génériques
Cultural Heritage Research / Recherche sur le patrimoine culturel Financial Officer or Manager/Agent ou Gestionnaire financier (4 generics/génériques) (7 generics /génériques) (20 generics / génériques)  
(4 generics / génériques) Specialty trades / métiers spécialisés Maintenance / Entretien (6 generics / génériques) Heritage Presentation / Mise en valeur du patrimoine  
Conservator / Restaurateur (10 generics / génériques) Asset management / Gestion de biens (6 generics /génériques)  
(3 generics / génériques) General administration / Administration générale (5 generics /génériques) Visitor services - management / Services à la clientèle - gestion  
Collections (7 generics /génériques) Real Property / Immobilier ( 5 generics / génériques)  
(4 generics / génériques)   (2 generics /génériques) Program Managers / Gestionnaire de programmes  
Curator / Conservateur   Planners / Planificateurs (4 generics /génériques)  
(4 generics / génériques)   (7 generics /génériques)    
Informatics / Informatiques        
(3 generics / génériques)        
Materiel Management / Gestion du matériel        
(6 generics / génériques)        
Ecosystems / Écosystèmes        
(8 generics / génériques)        

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