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Voth Name

 Voth (Vooth, Voodt, Vodt, Voht, Voet, Vogt, Foht, Foth, Fogt, Fodt, Foot) family

Voth (and its variations) is a Mennonite family name commonly found among the descendents of the Prussian Mennonites. It was found in Prussia as early as 1630 and in Danzig by 1677. Mainly it is found in congregational records from Montau-Gruppe, Schönsee, Jeziorka, Tragheimerweide, and Danzig ...

It is not clear whether the Prussian Voth-Foth family descended from a Dutch-Flemish Voogt family, or from a Swiss Vogt family. It is doubtful that Vogt was a family name found among the early Swiss Anabaptists ...

A number of Voths (also Vogt) emigrated from Prussia to Russia ...