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[Other spellings Nikolaiev, Nikolayev, Mykolaiv, and on the estuary of Yuzhny Bug River, about 40 miles (65 km) from the Black Sea.
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  • At the end of March an agreement was at last reached. On the Black Sea the Austrians retained Odessa and Kherson; the Germans Nikolaev and Sevastopol. Three Governments, Ekaterinoslav, Kherson, Podolia and the southern strip in Volhynia were reserved as the Austrian zone. In this wise [sic], the Crimea, which shortly passed into German hands, was separated by the Austrian zone from the rest of the territories in German occupation ...

Ukraine: a history By Orest Subtelny, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, p. 289 -


  • An extraordinary medley of events had been taking place in Odessa. The 7th German Landwehr Division, sent there in November to take over from the absconding Austrians, was duly cut off from Kiev and found that it could not fight its way through the swarms of 'Petlyurians' who were occupying the station of Birzula [Ukraine] ...

    Meanwhile the Germans were trying to remain strictly neutral. During the previous week the bulk of the Landwehr Division had  succeeded in getting away, but there still remained in Odessa about 1600 German troops and a battery of field artillery. The 15th Landwehr Division in Nikolaev [southern Ukraine] was in the same position: it too was cut off from communication with the German Command in Kiev ...

    French troops were now quartered in Odessa ... The command was vested in the French General d'Anselm, who proceeded to entrust the 15th German Landwehr Division with the maintenance of law and order in Nikolaev ...

    On 10 March began the evacuation by sea of the 7th Landwehr Division from Odessa and of the 15th Landwehr Division from Nikolaev. In the latter city the bands of Grigoriev entered the burning suburbs while the Germans were still embarking ...