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On Sre,
Alun, Sep 23, 2012 at 5:41 AM, Al Regehr wrote:

We're in Poland, on our way to Elblag & Gdansk for an R&R road trip, which Hanna & I enjoy.
A friend of hers sent me two emails on the history of the Mennonites in that area, & so send it on to you, in case it's of interest.
I'll send the other when I get the translation from Polish to work,,,,,
trusting all is well,
Al & Hanna


Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 5:40:28 PM
Subject: Re: some history

we went to the Museum in Elblag, near Gdansk, where they have 1/4 of the museum's area devoted to Mennonite artifacts, furniture, armoires, beds, a loom, dishes bowls etc., looking quite Dutch really,,, From this area as well as Gdansk. It is off season here so renovations were in full swing - they can't be getting many guests, because when Hanna told her (in polish) I was a descendant, a cultural officer appeared, & said "we have all of the material aspects of the Mennonites, but we've lost all of the cultural aspects, how they lived, what they ate, etc. & would I answer some of her questions when we trade emails after I get home....

Now, you've got to know they've got absolutely nothing if they think someone like me can help,,,,but, we all of us, have some of the oral history, & I know I will send her the little bit I know &/or a map of the Menno settlements/farms south of Gdansk .to 1750,,,before Russia,,, If anyone else is interested to get involved this, let me know, as I'll not be bugging you much with this,,,,
later, it's bedtime here,


Żuławska mała ojczyzna: menonici w delcie Wisły Żuławska homeland: Mennonites in the Vistula Delta