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Canadian Pacific Line

Burden Built Shipowner or operator  Dimensions
10,322 gross  1898 at Belfast by Harland & Wolff  Canadian Pacific Line  515.3ft x 59.8ft 


1898            May 7, launched as the Statendam of the Holland America Line
1898  Aug. 24, maiden voyage Rotterdam - New York
1911  Acquired by Allan Line, renamed Scotian
1914  Troopship
1915  Accommodation ship for German POW, Ryde, Isle of Wight
1917  Taken over by Canadian Pacific Line
1921  Chartered by British Govt.
1922  November, renamed Marglen
1927  Scrapped at Genoa


From: N.R.P.Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway, vol.3, p.912 / vol.1,p.324]

"The "Statendam" of 1903 was built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1898 for the Holland America Line. She was a 10,491 gross ton ship, length 515.3ft x beam 59.8ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. Accommodation was provided for 200-1st, 175-2nd and 2,000-3rd class passengers. Launched on 7/5/1898, she sailed from Rotterdam on her maiden voyage to New York on 24/8/1898. She stayed on this service until her last voyage commenced on 22/1/1910, after which she was sold to the Allan Line and renamed "Scotian". Refitted to 10,322 gross tons and with accommodation for 550-2nd and 1,150-3rd class passengers, she commenced sailing between Glasgow, Halifax and Portland in March 1911. She started her first Glasgow - Quebec - Montreal voyage on 6/5/1911, her first Glasgow - Boston voyage on 18/11/1911, and her first London - Quebec - Montreal voyage on 9/5/1912. In January 1914 she was chartered to Canadian Pacific and completed a single round voyage between Liverpool and St John NB. Her last London - Quebec - Montreal sailing commenced on 21/8/1914 and on the homeward passage, she was used to transport part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force to the UK. Between Nov.1914 and March 1915 she was used as an accommodation ship for German prisoners at Ryde, Isle of Wight and in 1917 went to Canadian Pacific, who had taken over the Allan Line. Her first voyage for her new owners started on 4/9/1918 when she left Liverpool for New York and her first Liverpool - St John NB sailing commenced 3/1/1919. Later the same year her accommodation was altered to carry 304-cabin, and 542-3rd class passengers and on 12/11/1919 she commenced sailings between Antwerp, Southampton, Quebec and Montreal. She resumed the London - Quebec - Montreal service on 16/5/1920 and between 1920-21 made four trooping voyages to Bombay for the British government. She was renamed "Marglen" for Canadian Pacific on 16/11/1922 and on 15/5/1923 commenced her last North Atlantic voyage between London, Havre, Southampton, Quebec and Montreal. Between 1923 and 1926 she completed 15 round voyages to Bombay and on 30/12/1926 was sold to D.L.Pittaluga of Genoa and was scrapped the following year. 

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