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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


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Louisbourg Heritage Notes

November 1999

Lighthouses of Louisbourg

I am researching the Louisbourg lighthouses, Range Lights, Buoys and Storm Drum. If anyone out there has memories, stories, pictures or any other type of information please contact me at Box 396 in Louisbourg or 733-2873. Bill O’Shea

Happenings in Louisbourg from Novembers Past in the Sydney Record

November 28, 1900. The poles for the electric light are now placed in position from the shipping pier to the station, and the wires are being put up. The work is being done under the supervision of Engineer McAlpine. (Council began the introduction of electricity to the rest of Louisbourg in 1916.)

November 13, 1902 The shipment of coal from here to the United States will be large during the winter. There will be four steamers each week to load for Boston, besides the coal that will be shipped to other places. Last winter about 25,000 tons of coal went from Louisburg to Europe.

November 20, 1902 The smallpox scare is now practically over. The two patients are convalescent, and it is not expected that there will be any more cases. It is believed that the smallpox was brought to the town in a case of clothing that was sent to the young girl who was firs attacked by the disease. The clothing was for winter wear, and the disease did not develop until the clothing was worn by the girl.

November 9, 1904. The Record has much pleasure in again drawing the attention of its readers to the Louisburg memorial fund, the active promotion of which has been undertaken by Capt. D. J. Kennelly .

November 20, 1906. The department of marine is going to have submarine bells placed off this harbour. The work of building an electric station will begin at once.

November 22, 1908. The rate payers of West Louisbourg have completed the building of a new school house, which is a fine substantial building and one that reflects much credit on the people of that district. (This eventually became the Fortress Visitor Centre)

November 13, 1908. Mr. J. S. McLennan of Sydney lectured in Halifax the other day before the Nova Scotia Historical Society and the Canadian Club which met together for the purpose on "Louisburg as a national monument." . . .He strongly urged that Louisburg be preserved as an historic memorial and that the Quebec Battlefields Association or some other such commission be authorized by the government to include Louisburg within its jurisdiction. (The full text of the address is at the Louisbourg library )

November 24, 1910. The past few days a number of Glouscester fishing vessels have arrived in port en route to Bay of Islands, Nfld. for cargoes of herring. There is nothing that adds more beauty to the fine harbour of Louisburg than a fleet of these handsome Gloucester schooners lying at anchor. Some times in the spring of the year as many as forty of these vessels seek shelter here and it is a pretty sight to see them at anchor with their large main sails let down.

Here are two

Louisbourg Heritage Society events that you shouldn’t miss this Christmas season.

Bring your family & friends..


The Story of Christmas Carols

as told by

Dr. John Lunn

St. Bartholomew’’s Church, Main Street, Louisbourg

November 24, 1999 7:00 PM

Everyone is welcome - There is no admission charge for this presentation

The Louisbourg Heritage Society’s 12th Annual


Come out and listen, or better still, sing along

with the wonderful choirs of Louisbourg and area.

First United Church Choir

Lee Price and Friends

Mighty Fortress Church of God Choir

Mira Gaelic Choir

St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church Choir

Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church Choir

Stella Maris Folk Choir

Zion Presbyterian Church Choir

Louisbourg Playhouse,

December 3, 1999 7:30 PM

Refreshments served, Free Admission

Supported in part through a donation from the Louisbourg Merchants’ Association

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