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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


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Remembrance Day 2000

Our Remembrance Day service, organized by Branch 62, Royal Canadian Legion, was a great success. There were at least 225 people at the 9:30 ceremony in the George Lewis School gym. At the Cenotaph in front of the Town Hall, at 11:00, there were about 100 people - in spite of the drizzle. The signal mast was dressed for the occasion. The excellent turnout speaks well for the people of Louisbourg and for those from the surrounding area who, year after year, come out to remember.

The Cenotaph

The "War Memorial Monument" was unveiled on November 11, 1968. The Monument Committee consisted of Arthur D. Cann (Chairman), Lawrence MacDonald, Don MacDonald, Gordon Bussey and Millie Parsons (President of the Auxilliary). A call went out for donations and $4,475.48 was raised for the project. The Cenotaph, of grey and black granite, was erected by John D. Steele’s Sons Limited of North Sydney. Initially it was located in front of Branch 62 Legion and later moved to its present location. The names inscribed on the Cenotaph include the following. (Please note that I have used the spelling that appears on the monument.)


Hugh McLennan

Neil MacKeigan

John George Hunt

Norman Power

Neil MacPherson

Abraham Wilcox

Malcolm Johnston

James O’Neil

Anthony Lathigee

John Steele

Cyril Burke

Maxwell Harris

Ernest Grant

Norman Theuerkauf

James McLeod

David McGillivery

Everett McGillivery

Albert Dixson

1939 - 1945

Murray McCormick

Robert Martin

Edward Campbell

Joseph Bourinot

Herburt Harris

William McDougall

William H. Bagnall

Ronald Cann

John A. MacIntyre

Daniel T. Townsend

Johnston Siteman

Patrick MacMullin

Walter Barass

Robert Thomas

David Campbell

Charles Martell

Rufus Perry

Andrew Campbell

Murdock Campbell

Clayton Moore

Angus MacLeod

The donations for the Memorial were reported in the newspaper and included:

Town of Louisbourg $300

Steve Whynott 2

Don MacDonald 5

Leo Carter 5

Nelson Bagnell 20

Women’s Institute 25

Guy Hiltz 50

Mary Thomas 50

Navy League Cadets 50

A Friend 4

Gordon Bussey 25

John McRury 25

Ben Skinner 5

A Friend 10

Girl Guides 30

Stevens Store 10

Lilia Townsend 25

Bagnell’s Gift Store 10

Creaser 20

Mrs. J. Vass 25

Mrs. James Bates 5

Mrs. Martin Weinberg 5

Fish Handlers Union 50

John MacKeigan 20

P.V. Sheppard 10

T and S. Stores 10

Mrs. Edson Skinner 10

John Person 10

Royal Bank 10

George Wilcox 10

John Beaver Family 25

Sea Cadets 50

Vince Kennedy 20

Evelyn Power 10

Mrs. Daniel Townsend 50

Capt. Dan Pitcher 20

Dan Johnston 50

Don MacIntyre 10

Peter Mullins 50

U.F.A.W.U. 25

Arthur Covey 70

Wilson Levy 20

Mainadieu CWL 10

Ben Skinner 5

T. Polegato 20

Zion Presbyterian Church 50

Stella Maris CWL 10

William Cann 50

Enoch Cann $5

Cecil Marsden 5

Dr. Mosher 20

Earl Wilcox 20

George Lewis 100

MacCormack 25

W. Covey 20

MacDonald 20

Branch 62 Ladies Auxillary 500

Gordon Cann 25

Alex Hunt 10

Albert Bridge Home & School 10

Mrs. James D. Kerr 20

County of Cape Breton 100

Bryan and family 20

Branch 62 Royal Cdn Legion 500

D. Cann & son 100

Catherine McLennan 250

H. Bagnell 100

Isabel Farley 540.63

Ed Levy 5

Hopkins 25

A. Wilcox 10.15

L. W. Windsor & Co 30

Rev. Fr. MacKinnon 5

Firemans Aux 20

Dannie MacDonald 20

Archie Whiting 20

Jack Poole 10

Perry Family 20

Ben Skinner 10

Louisbourg Lions Club 50

Howard Cann 10

Rev. Fr. Power 10

Louisbourg Brownies 10

Charles Richardson 15

Catalone Home and School 5

Allan MacLeod 5

Ernest Bishop 5

Lsbg Volunteer Fire Dept. 50

Malcolm MacDonald 20

C. C. Lynk 20

St. Bartholomew’s Auxilliary 10

Dannie Nicholson 10

Louisbourg Home and School 100

St. Bartholomew’s Church 30

A. D. Cann 31.72

Bill O’Shea

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