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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


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Louisbourg Heritage Notes

May 2002

Elaine Sawlor

I’ve mentioned Elaine Sawlor in the past and her interest in the history of Old Town families. Elaine is the daughter of John Wm. Mullins and Marie Kennedy. (Marie’s father was Thomas Russell Kennedy of Old Town and her mother was Mary White from Bay de Verde, Conception Bay, Newfoundland). Elaine was a teacher who, on retiring, took on the study of local family histories as a serious commitment. She’s contacted many people about their Old Town roots and is eager to speak with anyone wanting to share a memory of that community. Her mother, who is a font of Louisbourg information, usually accompanies her. I encourage you to make contact with Elaine at 539-6121.

List of Voters 1901

Here is another installment of the List of Voters from Polling District No. 6, Louisburg, in the Electoral District of Cape Breton, N.S. 1901.

The complete list can be found at: If anyone out there has information to add to this website it will be welcomed. Oh yes, who knows where Wright’s Farm was located? Give me a call - Bill O’Shea, 733-2873.

Matheson, D. J.

McLean, Angus

McLean, Laughlin

McLean, Donald

McLean, Ronald

McCuish, Alex'r

McCormick, Angus

McVicar, Archibald

McPhee, Ronald

McPhee, James

McPhee, Archibald

McRury, Archibald

McRury, Norman D.

Mcrury, Norman N.

McIsaac, Michael

McKeen, A.F.

McLean, John K.

McLean, John, teacher

McPherson, Alex'r R., son

McPherson, Samuel

McLeod, John A.

McCuish, James

McLeod, Neil

McKenzie, Dan H.

Mcdonald, Joseph

McDonald, Alex, J.

McKinnon, William

McMillen, Peter

McPherson, Alex, Louisburg Rd.

McRury, Malcolm

McKeigan, John

McLeod, John, baker

McDonald, John J.

McAlpine, D. G.

McKinnon, Laughlin A.

McDonald, Archey

McIntyre, Dan

McIntyre, Hugh

McCuish, Dave

McKinnon, John D.

Mimick, Albert

McDonald, Allan

Mcdonald, Joseph

McIntyre, Neil

McGillivary, Richard, S.

McVicar, Neil

McDonald, John

Nicholson, William

Nicholson, Daniel

Ley, Judson

Ley, Edwin

O'Toole, Joseph

O'Toole, Vincent

O'Toole, Arthur L.

O'Handley, John

Power, John Capt

Pope, John

Peach, James

Peach, Benjamin

Peach, Henry

Peach, William

Peach, Vincent

Patten, H.C.

Peters, Robert

Peters, Clarence

Ranson, Joseph

Ranson, Robert

Ross, J.J.

Ross, Daniel

Richardson, Edgar

Reid, Charles

Rogers, Thomas

Reid, William

Stacey, Charles

Stacey, Wiley

Spencer, Wm.

Spencer, Joseph, Halifax

Slattery, Michael

Sutherland, Wm. E.

Spears, James, sr.

Spears, John

Skinner, Daniel, M.

Skinner, John H.

Skinner, Wallace

Skinner, John

Snow, Samuel

Snow, John A.

Sullivan, Philip

Stewart, D. M., St. Peters

Scott, D. B. Rev'd

Sutherland, John

Sadro, S.

Townsend, Wm. H.

Townsend, Thos, capt

Townsend, Wm. H. capt

Townsend, Samuel A.

Townsend, Anthony

Townsend, Zacariah

Townsend, Elias

Townsend, Jno. E.

Townsend, Philip, capt.

Townsend, Fletcher

Townsend, Jas, N. son

Townsend, Everat

Troke, Joseph

Skinner, Daniel, jr.

Tutty, James

Tutty, David A.

Tutty, George A.

Tutty, Solomon

Tutty, John E.

Tutty, George W.

Tutty, Wallace

Tutty, Charles

Tutty, William

Tutty, Henry

Townsend, Wesley

Townsend, Arthur

Tanner, Alfred, sr.

Tanner, Alfred, jr.

Tanner, Samuel

Tanner, Nelson

Tanner, Stanley

Tanner, Lysander

Tanner, Benjamin

Tanner, Wesley

Wilson, Hugh

Wilson, Murdock

Wilcox Porter J.

Williams, John, sr.

Williams, William

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Michael

Williams, John, jr.

Wagner, Leonard

Willett, John A., capt.

Wadden, John H.

Wadden, George

Wiot, Samuel

McKenzie, Kenneth

McKenzie, Michael

Baldwin, John

Baldwin, Peter

Baldwin, Louis

Baldwin, Charles

Baldwin, William

Baldwin, Vincent

Baldwin, Alfred

Buckley, Paul

Bates, Lawrence, D.

Cameron, William, Big Loraine

Cameron, Francis, Big Loraine

Cameron, John, Sydney Road

Cameron, James, Sydney Road

Cameron, Daniel, Sydney road

Cryer, John, sr.

Cryer, John, jr.

Connington, Thomas

Connington, Clarence

Clarke, John

Crowdis, Geo H.

Dowd, Michael P. Big Loraine

Dickson, John

Dickson, Alman, Port Morien

Ferguson, Archey, New Boston

Ferguson, Norman, Sydney Road

Ferguson, Donald, A., New Boston

Forbes, William, Big Loraine

Forbes, John, Big Loraine

Fiander, Robert, Big Loraine

Fiander, Samuel J., Big Loraine

Fiander, Austin, Big Loraine

Fiander, John, Big Loraine

Fiander, Robert L., Big Loraine

Fiander, Abraham, Big Loraine

Fiander, Charles, Big Loraine

Fiander, Samuel, jr., Big Loraine

Fiander, Daniel, Big Loraine

Fiander, Frederick, Big Loraine

Fiander, James, Big Loraine

Fisher, Gelling, Big Loraine

Gibbs, Michael, Big Loraine

Gibbs, William, Big Loraine

Gibbs, James, Big Lorraine

Holland, Michael, Sr., Sydney Road

Holland William, Sydney Road

Holland, John, Sydney Road

Holland, Edw’d M. son, Sydney Road

Holland, Edward, Sydney Road

Jewell, George, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Albert, Sydney Road*

Jewell, William, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Charles, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Herbert, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Elijah, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Daniel, Sydney Road*

Jewell, Jeremiah, Sydney Road*

Kelly, Francis

Kelly, Richard

Kelly, Joseph R.

Kelly, Martin

Kelly, Edward

Kelly, John

Kelly, James T.

Kelly, William

Kelly, Frederick

Kennedy, Patrick

Kennedy, William

Kennedy, Thomas

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, James

Kehoe, George

Kehoe, John

Kehoe, Maurice

Kennelly, D. J.

Kendall, A. S., M.D., Sydney

Kennedy, Pierce

Lynk, Andrew

Levatte, H.C.V.

Lewis, Wm. W.

Matheson, Alex’r, New Boston

Matheson, Hector, New Boston

Matheson, Murdock, New Boston

Morrison, Morris, New Boston

Morrison, Angus, Wright’s Farm

Morrison, Christopher, Wright’s Farm

Murphy, Philip

Munroe, John A., Kensington Cove

Munroe, Alex’r, sr., Wright’s Farm

Munroe, Archey, Wright’s Farm

Munroe, Donald M.

McKenzie, Charles, Grand Lake

McInnis, Angus, Kennington Cove

McInnis, Donald A., Kennington Cove

McInnis, James, Kennington Cove

*an error, Jewell should be Big Lorraine and not Sydney Road 

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