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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


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Louisbourg Heritage Notes

February 2002

Scattarie Light House and Humane Establishment

Edmund S. Dodd, superintendent; salary 100l; fuel money, 15l – 15l; 3 men’s wages; 30l per year – 90l; total 205l per year

Character of light. – A revolving light from 12 Argand lamps, with reflectors. The light house is a large octagon building, painted white; there are also the following buildings: A dwelling house for the keeper, pretty comfortable, a store, a house of refuge, two barns and a boat house, all small, and rough affairs.

Arrived at this place in the afternoon of 10th July, landed stores, and inspected the establishment. The light house clean and in good order, and the lantern, lamps and machinery in excellent condition. The light house badly in want of painting outside- otherwise in good condition. The roof (of) the dwelling requires repairs, and the plastering in the interior. In one of the rooms it has entirely fallen off. All the buildings require painting more or less, outside, which will have to be done next season. There are several things required for the use of this establishment, and which I enumerated in the list of articles. In addition to those, I would recommend that a "life boat" be sent to this place, the one now there being old and small, and at first, but a poor affair.

This establishment is supported in a similar manner to St. Paul’s, and is conducted the same way. Being stations of much importance, every thing required should be furnished so as to make them in reality what the four provinces expect them to be, a refuge for the unfortunate who suffer from shipwreck, and amply supplied with the means of saving life and property.

From the Journal and Proceedings of the House of Assembly, (Nova Scotia ), Session 1858, Report of the Superintendent of Lighthouses, Dec 1857.

The Scattarie and St. Paul’s lighthouses were opened in 1839.


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