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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


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Louisbourg Heritage Notes

April 2002

Louisbourg School Commissioners Report - 1950

Several months ago Jim Steylen dropped off a letter from an annual report of the Louisbourg School Commissioners. Here are some extracts from the letter. Thanks Jim.

" In the year 1950, the School incurred a deficit of $1374, which was in a great part due to the fact that we had two terms of Domestic Science classes in the year, requiring that we pay twice the estimated amount for teachers salary and supplies. . .

Prior to 1950, only two rooms of our school had lights installed. It was felt by the Board that all rooms in the school should be lighted, as it had been stressed from time to time by teachers and Inspectors that there was not enough natural light. The cost for additional lighting was $830.00 for which the Board had estimated $500, but it was felt that the additional expenditure was justified.

We would like to bring to the attention of the Council the splendid service different organizations are rendering to the support of our school. First the Home and School not only in relationship between the Home and the School, but also in financial assistance. They furnished the two rooms that had been wired prior to 1950 with fixtures costing $85.00. They bought and donated to the Board a movie projector for school use costing the organization $287.50. They also furnished (the) Practical Arts class with tools to the amount of $100., also sponsoring a school exhibit and donating prizes.

The Women’s Institute is another organization to which the Board is very thankful for their donations of a new sewing machine for Domestic Science classes. The teachers have been most cooperative and have procured for their own convenience a Duplicator costing them $100. This is money they had raised by concerts. . . "

The Board of School Commissioners consisted of Charles Bagnell, Chairman; William W. Lewis, A. L. Saunders, Earl Lewis, Frank O’Keefe.

Louisbourg Tartan for Sale at the House of Dolls

The Louisbourg Tartan is once again for sale by the Heritage Society through the House of Dolls. This is one of the unique tartans of Nova Scotia, designed by Jean Kyte and Edith MacIntyre and registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Ottawa. It sells for $80.00 per metre, tax included. The profit from sales goes to such things as publications on Louisbourg’s history and the Heritage Christmas.

List of Voters 1901

Here is a start at getting out the List of Voters from Polling District No. 6, Louisburg, in the Electoral District of Cape Breton, N.S. 1901. The original is a two page document kept in picture frames on the back wall of the Louisbourg Library. I’ll add another page next month. N.B., unless otherwise noted the individual comes from Louisburg.

Buchanan, Murdock

Burke, Patrick

Baker, Phillip

Baker, William

Baker, Charles

Bagnall, Robert

Bagnall, Thomas

Bagnall, John

Barnaby, D.C.

Burke, James P.

Beaton, Angus

Bates, Alex'r

Borden Alex'r., Glace Bay

Billiard, Gabriel

Billiard, Arthur

Cann, Robert H.

Cann, Wm. P.

Cann, Henry E.

Cann, Isaac H.

Cann, George

Cann, Isaac

Cann, Bruce

Cann, John

Cameron, Murdock

Cameron, Chas. E.

Crowdis, Duncan

Cook, Henry

Curry Archibald

Campbell, Dougald

Campbell, Patrick B.

Campbell, Wm. H.

Cann, Henry, smith

Charlton, John

Bushie, Charles

Camo, Frank

Calver, John V.

Dillon, John E.

Dillon, John J.

Draper, T. F. Rev'd

De'Frieze, John

Dowd, James

Dowd, Michael J.

Dickson, Louis

Dickson, David

Dickson, Francis

Dickson, Theophilus

Dickson, Elbridge, W.

Dickson, Wm., capt.

Dickson, Murray

Dickson, Thomas

Dickson, Charles

Ferguson, Donald

Ferguson, Alex'r

Fiander, Murray

Fraser, Robert, capt.

Fraser, John, painter

Gillis, John,

Gillies, Jos. A., Sydney

Gillis, John, L.

Grey, C.W.

Gillis, Hugh

Gibbs, John D.

Graham, Daniel

Hunt, Noah

Hunt, Charles,

Holland, Michael, jr, Syd Rd.

Harris, Arthur

Hickman, George

Hickman, Frederick

Hart, Thomas J. son

Hickey, Richard, N. Sydney

Horn, Murray

Hart, James, sr.

Higgins, Wm. F.

Hiltz, Guy

Huntington, Melvin

Jackson, John

Jewell, James

Johnston, Daniel

Jewell, Walter

Jackson, Donald

Johnston, Allan

Keefe, C.S.

Keefe, Arthur

Kennedy, Wm E.

Kerr, Roderick

Kerr, Alexander

Kennedy, Edward

Kanter, S.

Lorway, John

Lorway, James

Lorway, John, Sydney

Lamont, Duncan

Levatte, Martin, sr.

Levatte, Martin, jr.

Levatte, Charles

Laybolt Joseph

Lahey, William

Lahey, James

Mann, Thomas

Mann, Enos

Mann, W. W.

Morrison, D. A. Dr.,

Morrison, R. R. , Gabarous

Mitchell, C. L.

Murphy, John

Martin, Robert, Sydney

Muggah, Edward

McKenzie, Angus

McKenzie, Rod, D.

McInnis, Donald

McIntosh, John

McIntosh, Angus

McKinnon, John, teamster

McKinnon, Donald

McKinnon, Laugh'ln, D. son

McKinnon, John

McKinnon, Neil

Matheson, Angus

McDonald, Wm.

McDonald, Roderick

McDonald, John A.

McDonald, Malcolm

McDonald, Donald W.

McDonald, John W.

McDonald, Alex, foreman

McDonald, Alex, A. son

McDonald, Duncan

McDonald, Malcolm

McDonald, Daniel

McDonald, John, capt.

McDonald, Archey, carp'tr

McDonald, Daniel, M. son

McDonald, Malcolm

McDonald, Charles

McCuish, Archibald

McLeod, Colin

McAlpine, E.S.

McAlpine, Wm. E.

McAlpine, Charles

McIntyre, Peter


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